Tranquil Tails
Massage is the use of  stroking, kneading, friction and passive touch  on the skin and muscles of the body to increase blood flow and healing, promote relaxation and a sense of well being.
Why should your pet have a massage?
  Pain relief, improved flexibility and muscle tone for animals with conditions such as
       arthritis and  hip dysplasia.

  Improved circulation in older animals or those with congestive heart failure;                      
      Facilitating the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the body and the removal of toxins.

  Rehabilitation after injury or surgery; Increasing range of motion, decreasing scar
      tissue and helping remove residual cellular debris, medications and anesthesia.

  Improve performance in agility, obedience, herding or other activities; Warming-up          
      muscles pre-event; Removing muscular waste products and checking for injuries

 Relaxing and toning muscles; Relieving spasms, knots and trigger points; Enhancing   
      proprioception, or patterns of movement and muscle memory.

  Improve coat and fur quality by expressing natural oils; Improving skin tone and

   Improve digestion and functioning of the nervous, respiratory and lymphatic systems
   Relaxation and stress reduction; Improving the sense of well-being and improving

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