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Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essences are liquid plant preparations, used to address issues of emotional well-being and mind-body health. They are made from only the fresh flower blossoms infused under very specific environmental conditions and then preserved with apple cider vinegar or shiso. Flower essences differ from herbal blends in that their influence on health does not come from their chemical composition, but rather from the life force energy of the specific flowers used to make them. As a result, there are no contraindications, allergies or side effects to worry about. You can not give an overdose of flower essences.


One of the keys to success with flower essences is finding the correct flower or flowers for your pet’s individual needs. Specific flower essences are often available at local health food stores and specialty shops. Custom blends are available on this site (or can be made by you) to address the unique needs of your particular pet. The questionnaire on this web site will assist me in finding the right combination to begin your animal companion’s healing.


The other key to success with Flower Essences is frequency. The more often they are given (approximately 4 times a day on average) the better your results. Flower essences are most often administered orally in small amounts, but can also be added to food or water, sprayed on their bedding, etc. Instructions for Flower Essence administration are also on this site.


Additionally, Flower Essences can be applied topically on the body by you at home or by me during a session. When applied to specific areas of the body during a massage or to specific points (floral acupuncture) an enhanced benefit from both modalities is often witnessed.

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