Tranquil Tails
Penny's Background

Tranquil Tails, based in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin, is owned and operated by Penny Paiser-Wilson, a certified small animal acupressurist with Tallgass Animal Acupressure Institute.  Penny, a Master Reiki Practitioner through The Animal Spirit Network in Chicago, also holds a Bachelor Science in Nutrition from the University of Wisconsin at Madison which she incorporates in her work with animals.  Penny has studied cat and dog massage with Integrated Touch Therapy of Ohio and Animal Communication with Asia Voight and Penelope Smith.  Included in the care of your pets, Penny uses Acupressure, Reiki, advanced Massage techniques, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy (including Raindrop Therapy), Homeopathy, Color Therapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  She continues to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and natural pet care, adding to her  already comprehensive repertoire.


Penny has extensive  experience using her talents to assist both dogs and cats suffering from various disorders, including but not limited to issues of aging, behavior problems, trauma/ surgical recovery, history of abuse or abandonment  and various medical conditions.   She is well versed in medical terminology and works with you and your vet to develop a plan of care tailored to each animal’s specific needs.   In conjunction with traditional veterinary care, Tranquil Tails will enable you to provide the best and most complete health care for your pet’s physical, behavioral and emotional well-being.