Tranquil Tails

It is important to keep essences out of the heat and sun, and away from electrical appliances. You can keep them in the refrigerator, tightly sealed. The essences come either with a dropper or pump.


Make sure the dropper does not touch anything, if contaminated rinse under cold, clear, water for 10 seconds before placing back     in the bottle.


Before opening the bottle, tap three times on the palm of your hand.



•    Place 4 drops or pumps into the animal’s water bowl

           so they can sip throughout the day. Or in their food.

•    Place 4 drops in the animal’s mouth 4 times daily

•    Spray or place 4 drops on your hands and massage the animal, around the ears, heart, back, or paw pads.

•    Spray 4 pumps on the bedding, crate, kennel 15 minutes prior to the animals using the above.

(Avoid any open sores, wounds, or cuts, do not spray on face).


When administering, say a positive affirmation, i.e. if essence is for anxiety, say, “May Fido be brought to a place of peace and tranquility within his body, mind, and spirit.


Any questions please call/email: Penny Paiser-Wilson



This does not replace medical or veterinary care!!

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